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For Manufacturers

socialLighting: A new service committed to economically and efficiently support the residential Lighting Industry’s showroom sales channel from start to finish. A revolutionary new addition to your marketing arsenal that changes everything, while at the same time it changes nothing. Deeply configurable web services support and enhance your traditional showroom sales channel whilst enhancing the channel’s effectiveness by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art digital marketing, logistical clarity and sales analysis. We impact the retail channel across manufacturer to showroom communications and on through inventory and marketing down to local, targeted marketing with sales creation and expedition of sale’s closing at the retail point of sale.

A continuously enhanced software and service package that leverages revolutionary concepts and new technologies to create cost-saving, novel sales and marketing capabilities to both enhance your showroom network’s visibility and sales support and to vitalize your marketing program with more effective marketing, direct to consumers, at the same time always doing so by supporting your existing showroom channel.

An accurate geo-located marketing sales monitoring tool driven by online sales, yet one that only closes through your showroom network protecting your valued relationships. We enhance communications, we clarify inventory and shipping visibility and we streamline and enhance the end-user’s sales closing. Extensively configurable permissions limit who can see what, who can do what and what goes where geographically. Easy to use and profoundly effective.

We also have many other fantastic sales-enhancing services for your company to take advantage of - to help support your day to day operations and connect you closer with all your Brick & Mortar Retailers. Get socialized today by requesting a consultation or marketplace from one of our socialites!

Some of our Key Benefits for Manufacturers


No programming cost when using provided template(s). You can also customize on your own or get a quote from us to customize for you.

No setup up fees or annual fees for content or changes.

No member or user fees to sell products at tradeshows via barcode or manual entry.

No hosting or maintenance fees if used as your white labeled main website. Service & maintenance packages are available.

No fees to receive online orders from retail customers with net terms.

No Advertising fees during socialLighting advertising campaigns nationally.

No fees to receive online orders from COD customers if using your own payment & shipping processes. We do offer payment gateway & grouped shipping services if needed.

Approval Processes and Retailer Maintenance

Set up buying terms when approving retail stores to sell your products (Net terms, COD or no terms must order offline).

When Net Terms, orders are received online but do not have to be paid online. (You can use regular billing processes outside from socialLighting site).

COD Terms, payment is made through socialLighting software, no fees if you use your own payment and shipping processes.

Set up shipping terms when approving retail stores (Drop ship or retailer must ship on their own).

Set up free freight terms (No free freight, always free freight, and free freight after $dollar amount).

Set up products retailers can sell by groupings (all products, grouped products specified by the manufacturer with unlimited groupings).

Once approved you can deactivate, suspend or activate retail accounts on the fly (say past terms, suspend until account rectified). When suspended or deactivated the approved products will not display on the retailer’s account.

Services & Features

Secure! Your information, customers and transactions are protected and not operating on open-source content management system.

Use the service as your own white label main website or just an account.

Full control of who sells your products.

Activate/Deactivate accounts seamlessly.

Request accounts to sell your products.

Activate/Deactivate products for retailers breaking the rules (example IMAP exceeded past agreements from available IMAP system reports).

IMAP Reporting, follow retailers price structures with admin reports to learn who is selling far below IMAP Policies.

Have full control of your account and customers without socialLighting intervention.

Activate or deactivate your account for any reason.

Advertise to retailer’s promotions & sales.

Pre-order sales to retailers prior to product releases and production schedules.

Have full control of products listed online, delete, change and add products at your own convince.

Sell products at tradeshows to clients who are in or not in attendance.

Upload inventory daily or integrate socialLighting to your ERP system.

Upload multiple product videos & images.

Upload instruction videos, pdf installation instruction, specification sheets and IES files per product.

Verification from socialLighting of showrooms prior to acceptance, must be owner or higher management.

Verification from socialLighting before manufacturer’s acceptance, must be upper management or higher position.

Have product sales, rewards program for retailers

Attach articles to products from social network site.

Multi-Language options ready and enabled.

If used as your main website, non-members can view your site without price listings or ordering options and can be directed to approved sales associates and/or retail outlets who currently sell your products.

Brand Security

No product devaluation through cross advertising nationally. Sales, prices show via geolocation per region of sale throughout North America.

Group products and assign to retailers. If two or more retailers within the same vicinity, sell to all of them and assign different products to each or varieties to prevent product devaluation with price sales gouging.

Information & Products

Extensive research by socialLighting staff to group products together accurately to limit consumers leaving product sales pages.

Best in class fixture search engine with groupings.


Select from a variety of templates, upload images, be up in running within a week after data information received and verified by socialLighting.

Use socialLighting menu and filters or create your own format.

Have access to the socialLighting templates to create your own layout without the need for socialLighting staff and fees.

Prioritize all products to your own particular order by vendor, products or custom.

Style the website to be integrated and in harmony with your existing business operations.

Mobile & tablet responsive ready on all device types and operating systems.

Powerful voice and text search features.

Scalable inventory - tested to 1 million products.

Scalable categories - tested up to 10,000 categories.

Facebook and Google, Oauth2, SAML single sign-on options.